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Replica Rado Original Automatic Jubilé R12 697 71 3 watch at fashiontimewear
[Image: GREUBEL%20FORSEY%20watch%2024%20Contempo...20Dial.jpg]
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Introduction GreubelForseyDifférentield'Égalité
Différentield'Égalité is one of the latest achievements of Greubel Forsey's experimental observation technology program.
Greubel Forsey is the manufacturer of some of the most exotic high-end watches on the planet and has had an in-house R&D department for many years. The latest introduction to the experimental observation technology plan is the first technological evolution proposed in 2009: a constant force device, starting from remontoired'égalité.
Why is this watch important?
Différentield'Égalité is an example of some tradition of horological experiments: the study of a means by which constant energy can be transmitted to the escapement. The edge is the first known escapement that is very sensitive to power variations and is usually paired with early constant force devices such as fusee or stackfreed. A more complicated but more complex remontoire is another example, and the variant of the device is one of the most interesting mechanisms in richard mille sapphire watch replica

Preliminary idea
The mainspring in the watch is like a spring that powers a clockwork toy; it provides less and less power as the spring unfolds. In a clockwork toy car, the car slows down; in the watch, the balance passes through smaller and smaller arcs. In theory, the balance and the spring are isochronous - that is, the size of the arc should not be different - but since no real watch achieves the perfect performance of the theoretical system, the balance of health and stability is still a modern watchmaking The goal.

The remontoire solves this problem by placing an auxiliary small mainspring on one of the wheels of the gear train. This second spring is much weaker than the mainspring, which periodically rebounds. The first remontoire in the watch was invented by the famous British Observatory timer manufacturer John Harrison, who used it in his second experimental ocean clock, H2. His fourth ocean clock, H4 (usually considered the first successful voyage observatory, and tested at sea in 1761 and achieved amazing results) recounted in remontoire every 7.5 ULYSSE NARDIN replica Watches
The remontoire is a clever, if exquisite and demanding mechanism, but it does have an objection against it, which is that it still does not provide perfect even torque. This is where Différentield'Égalité comes in.
Différentield'Égalité contains a mechanism, as Stephen Forsey described to me, "remontoire class" says "however it does the traditional remontoire (if there is such a thing) does not do it: it is 擒Vertical and balanced provide perfectly uniform energy. For this reason, Greubel Forsey has developed a differential system that receives an energy input from the gear train but has two output paths. The remontoire spring returns once per second; one output path goes A hop second hand whose motion reflects a one-second rewind interval (FP Journe Tourbillon Souverain is another example of a watch with a one-second remontoire-like jump or second hand).
The other output path provides energy for escapement and balance; on this output path is a smaller conventional seconds hand display that advances each advance of an escapement tooth by one increment (in other words, how it works) Similar to the second hand in a traditional watch). You can see that the remontoir spring and the differential are partially exposed in the center of the dial.Hublot MP Limited Editions Complications replica Watches
The completion of the front and back of Différentield'Égalité is as perfect as what we expected from Greubel Forsey (well, nothing that exists is flawless, but if anything exists exists in its hair, It may be a Greubel Forsey watch, judged from the perspective of quality.
I think this is a very cool watch. Remontoire is a problem encountered by a few companies, because in general, it does not have much impact from a practical point of view - the modern lever escapement is equipped with a modern alloy balance spring, which is well constructed and adjusted in the watch Aspects are more advanced than optical terms. Watch in the days of the invention of remontoire. However, Greubel Forsey's watchmaking experiments - the 24-second tourbillon, the tilted tourbillon, and the tilt balance (such as the tourbillon found in Différentield'Égalité) are all about exploring the most extreme possible improvements in mechanical timepieces. (It's worth noting that these experiments were performed without relying on silicon.) In my already highly accurate system, there are some great improvements in distortion performance, if you have a similar idea, Différentield'Égalité It's a piece you won't want to miss. I hope to get more specific information on how the difference will work to some extent in the near future.Hublot MP Limited Editions Complications replica Watches
Brand: Greubel Forsey
Model: Différentield'Égalité

Diameter: 44mm
Thickness: 15.3mm
Case material: white gold
Dial: multi-layer; synthetic sapphire hour ring
Index: paint plating growth hour index; engraving and paint minute index and no gap seconds index
Lume: hour and minute hands
Waterproof: 3 atmospheres / 30 meters
Strap/Bangle: Hand-stitched crocodile leather with white gold folding clasp

Function: hour, minute, running seconds, no beat/jump seconds
Diameter: 36.4mm
Thickness: 9.99mm
Power reserve: 60 hours
Winding: manual
Frequency: 21,600 vph
Jewelry: 47
Additional details: with spherical constant force différentiel 'alalité; remontoire springs are wound once per second, with 24 parts and 3 satellites. 30o tilt, fixed escapement with black polished balance wheel bridge. Nickel/German silver main board; nickel-silver bridge, flat black polished gold plate and round polished gold plate.

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[Image: 905.ND.0001.RX.jpg]










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