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I have a question about Online Poker?

I have searched on the web to try and figure it out but I can't seem to get a straight answer, I just want to know if it is Legal to play online poker (real money) if you live in the US. I heard the a law was passed in the US to stop online gambling but as far as what I have read up on its not, this is all confusing to me. I am specifically talking about sites like PokerStars and FullTilt poker, if it is illegal how do these sites still offer real money play? I do live in the US and would like to play "real money" games on FullTilt or Pokerstars and I have looked at both their websites and they don't say anything about it being illegal but a friend of mine told me "They made it illegal for anyone in the US to play online poker for real money, if you do you will get caught and put in jail". Someone please tell me a straight answer to this Question I would appreciate it.

Please help.

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