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Memory deceives that work introduction
One of the most common reasons every student experience presentation anxiety is the fears that will make them forget what they have to say and risk losing credibility. A method many students use to address for us to create PowerPoint slides as a memory aid. However, this method is short-sighted because nothing erodes your credibility as a speaker faster than signaling the audience that you are dependent on your PowerPoint slides.
Once I have assignment writing service AU to get tips to avoid anxiety during the presentation and they provide me the following tips in order to help me remember what I have to say.

1.         Use the palace method
According to research into the brain, science has recognized that there is a very deep connection between what we remember and the space in which it occurred. Human mind remembers things on the basis of spatial locations.

2.         Use mind maps
Mind maps are the diagrams or outline that allows you to place all of your presentation material in a visual shape rather than a list. It is a powerful memory aid because you imprint images and visual shape in your brain and bring easier for you to recall the information.

3.         Value of focusing for eight seconds
According to the memory experts, it takes uninterrupted eight seconds for a piece of information to be processed through into memory. This is how the information is encoded in our brains.

4.         The 20-2020 rule of rehearsal
Memory expert recommends the 20-20-2- rule which prescribes to go over the details of the presentation for 20 minutes and then repeat it twice more.
I have removed this idea :)

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