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Soldier 76 is one of the best heroes of Overwatch
Soldier 76 is one of the best heroes of Overwatch if you just started. It is one of the characters that comes closest to the traditional shooter, with a rifle of medium cadence, long range and some recoil with which many players will feel comfortable, but managing it is not easy. Today we will review the basic tips for you to rebent with Soldier 76 in Overwatch. You will learn to use the heavy pulse rifle as it deserves, you will finish with the propeller rockets, you will take advantage of the sprint, you will know the importance of the biotic field and you will know Overwatch Boosting.

This attack character has a lot of dissuasive power in annoying characters like Widowmaker, Pharah or Genji. In Soldier 76 it matters a lot the aim, but you can also empty your loader against nearby tanks without worrying too much about it while you guarantee a lot of damage, more if you finish off with the propeller rockets. Soldier 76 in Overwatch can end many enemies if you combine the rifle with the propeller rockets, this secondary inflicts a lot of damage in one fell swoop and is great to finish off an enemy that is fleeing, although it is also very useful against the tanks to not have to worry so much to give in the enemy hitbox.

The good thing about this vigilante is that he is able to return to the battlefield in a heartbeat, thanks to a sprint without wear that allows him to return to the line of fire or flee without worry. The only drawback is that you can not shoot while running with Soldier 76 in Overwatch, so keep that in mind. Although we are dealing with an attack character, we must not forget that the biotic field of Soldier 76 in Overwatch also heals the allies. It is very important that you try to use this skill in such a way that your allies can take advantage of Overwatch Boosting Cheap, it is not difficult for them to get to the field and not suffer damage when doing it.

We say that the biotic field of Soldier 76 in Overwatch is so important because it is also a crucial element when launching the tactical viewer, its definitive ability. When activated, our protagonist looks at the closest threat to the crosshairs and empties his loader into it without the need of pointing. The only problem when casting this ability is that we are exposed to the rival fire, so if you can launch the field before activating the viewer, you will have many more options for Soldier 76 in Overwatch to survive, while others will have it more complicated for do what.

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